Thursday 6 April 2023

Witchy Crafting: What's Inside the Paper Egg?

I made the hollow egg pictured on my altar out of papier mache. I then painted it and stuck on a coloured paper sun and flowers, but what do you think is inside? Could it be:
  • A gift to be revealed when the egg is cracked open?
  • Wildflower seeds to throw as a guerrilla gardening granade?
  • A spell to incubate in the energy of the season?
  • Or is it just an empty decoration for the seasonal holiday?
Before I tell you, I'll explain how I made it. I used a metal egg ornament as a template. I covered each side of that with plastic film (reused from a from pizza wrapping), then applied four layers of strips of cut-up newspaper with non-toxic glue to make papier mache egg halves.

When both sides were completely dry I removed the template and plastic film. Then I picked what was going inside (not telling you yet...). I stuck both sides together using a bit of card inside and more papier mache strips on the outside. 

Finally I decorated the papier mache egg shell with a sunny spring landscape. I know I'm not the most talented artist, but I always think magic works better if you put your own efforts into it, even if it doesn't look as perfect as something made in a factory. 

I've given you a clue as to what's inside, haven't I? 

Yes, it's the spell, not the tiny fluffy bunny toy, although papier mache eggs are perfect for those other things I listed too. If you're going to leave one outside - for decoration, as part of an Easter egg hunt or to throw as a seed bomb - make sure everything you use is completely safe. Personally I'd use something like flour-and-water paste instead of any artificial glue and only colour it with natural dye.

In previous years I'd put the metal egg (the one I used as the template) on my altar with a wish inside, but this feels a lot more personal. Papier mache is a bit fiddly, but I think it was worth the effort. What do you think?

There are more seasonal crafting ideas in my forthcoming book Pagan Portals Rounding the Wheel of the Year, published by Moon Books.  


Anonymous said...

Very springtime. :)

I agree that making the thing yourself is more effective than something purchased.

Badwitch said...

Thank you!

Jane Mortimer said...

Lucya, that's lovely! I always think altar decorations mean so much more when we make them ourselves. So much devotion goes into them. Happy Eostre!