Thursday 23 March 2023

Craft: A New Witch's Hat For My Mouse Helper

These three plushy soft toys in the photo above might not be the classic witch's familiars, but they've all been my companions in my witchy room for some time. The little mouse in the middle has certainly helped me in my magic in the past. 

She now has a new hat, made by me, as well as her broomstick and book of spells. I feel she deserved it.

I found the witch mouse doll in a charity shop a few years ago, but she had nothing on her head except a patch where something once glued there had plainly fallen off (pictured right). Seeing as this year one of my resolutions is to do some witchy crafting each month, I decided March was a great time to make her a new one. It was far more appealing to me than crafting an Easter bonnet.

The first thing I did was make a pattern out of some scrap paper and check that it was the right size and shape. I then pinned them to some black felt and cut out the pieces for the hat. I stitched a seam to make a cone for the top part, then stitched the brim piece to the bottom of that. 

You can see the shapes in the photo to the left on this post. The same method could be used to make a larger witch's hat for a person rather than just one for a toy. Finally I glued the hat to her head. I hope it will stay on this time. 

I think she looks a lot happier on the shelf in my witchy room with Greebo the cat and my beanbag frog.

You can find out more about crafting magical dolls in my book on poppets, published by Moon Books in the Pagan Portals series. You can view it on Amazon too.

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