Tuesday 15 August 2023

I've Been Interviewed on The Witch Wavelength Podcast

I had a lovely chat with fellow witchcraft author Sheena Cundy for her Witch Wavelength podcast a few days ago, and the episode is now live. You can find it here: https://thewitchwavelength.buzzsprout.com/1943275/13396611-lucya-starza-author-bad-witch

Sheena asked me about growing up in a family where folk magic and fortune-telling were a part of everyday life. My grandma was an astrologer and my father was very good at dowsing and palmistry among other things. I also chat about the time I was thrown off a community gardens project because I was a witch, and about a spell I did along with co-workers in an office to get rid of a problem boss.
We also chatted about our writing. As well as being the author of A Bad Witch's Blog, I've written five books in Moon Books' Pagan Portals series and my first novel, Erosion, publishes early next year. It's already available to pre-order. I live in London and the photo shows me standing by the Thames.

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