Thursday 9 November 2023

Craft: Blanket Knitting in Aid of Dementia UK

I'm taking part in Dementia UK's November Knitting Challenge 2023. The idea is that everyone taking part knits for at least 30 minutes each day and raises sponsorship money for the wonderful charity that helps people with dementia. I cared for my own mum and dad who suffered from dementia and I know how important it is to have trained nurses who understand the needs of people with that condition and enable them to live happy lives.

For the knitting challenge I'm making what's called a 10-stitch blanket, which is a square spiral of rows with 10 stitches. I'm enjoying crafting it - there's something meditative about knitting short rows and joining them to the existing spiral as I go. You can see a picture at the top showing what I've done so far.

When I've finished, I'm going to use it as a throw to cover my very tatty ancient sofa in my witchy room. I did think of donating it to a Dementia UK charity shop, but the price they would sell it for would be less than I will donate to keep it. The threadbare sofa originally belonged to my grandma, who also suffered from dementia at the end of her life. The blanket will let me keep using it and remembering her for more years to come.

Please don't feel pressured into donating to the charity unless you can afford it and want to. I fully understand that many of use are skint at the moment. I'm mainly sharing this post to raise awareness of the charity and what it does. However, if you want to sponsor me, here's the link:

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