Friday 10 November 2023

Labyrinths: My A-mazing Charity Shop Find

Please excuse that awful pun in the headline, I couldn't resist it. I found the set of coasters pictured above in a charity shop the other day and I had to buy them. Each shows a person about to enter a labyrinth.

I've been fascinated by labyrinths for many years. I've walked them when I get the opportunity, I've read about them, visited them, written about them, and drawn them on paper. Following the winding path to the centre on foot or just with your finger is a meditative experience and each has its own energy. 

The coasters are another wonderful addition to the things in my witchy room, and I'll use them for magical work as well as to rest coffee mugs on.

I should add that, as most people know, the difference between a labyrinth and a maze is that the former is a single path leading to the centre, while the latter offers many possible routes and most lead to dead ends. Both are fascinating in my opinion.

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Kerry said...

I agree, labyrinths are lovely.