Thursday 28 December 2023

Resolving Resolutions: Pagan Rites & Festivals of 2023

I've been blogging about how I did with my New Year Resolutions for 2023. In the past week or so I've mostly written about my successes. Here's one I failed at. Back in January I resolved to: "Go to at least 12 in-person pagan moots, festivals, conferences or public rituals." 

Stricly speaking I only went to four specifically pagan moots, festivals, conferences or public rituals. I did go to some other in-person esoteric events, such as book launch parties and exhibitions, as well as smaller private pagan rituals. I also taught in-person workshops. It has made me realise I'm not back to my pre-pandemic levels of peopling. I've recognised I value solitary time a lot more and still feel a bit uncomfortable in very crowded spaces. Anyway, here are links to the four things I did that were part of my 2023 plan:

Here's links to posts about how I did in some of the other resolutions

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Jane M said...

Oh, resolutions! So much easier said than done, Lucya. Just a five minute round trip to a green(ish) space is so do-able here, but so rarely gets done. Wind, rain, domestic demands, so much other stuff that's got to be done. The older we get, the less we can fit in of the things that really matter. My resolution this year is to try and MAKE time. Has anyone got a recipe?!!! Happy New Year!