Friday 22 December 2023

The High Priestess: A Tarot Card for the Solstice

I drew a tarot card for the world at the Winter Solstice - which is on December 22nd this year. The High Priestess was revealed. The deck I used was the Robin Wood Tarot, which is one of my favourite sets. 

In her book, Robin Wood explained that she made changes to the High Priestess as she had a different vision of her to the way she's depicted in the Rider-Waite-Smith set. Wood's High Priestess is a woman who is neither young nor old, she stands among trees under a full moon and wears the symbols of modern pagan witchcraft. She holds a crystal ball representing mystery and magic, and an open book showing knowledge to be shared. As number 2 in the Major Arcana, she is a competent and effective leader, although she still has things to learn.

The card represents wisdom and compassion. I believe the world at large could benefit from an increase in both those traits. The trees behind the High Priestess are just starting to bud in early spring, representing the potential for growth and also a sign of hope for the future. This is something we can all try to nurture as the Wheel of the Year turns from a time of decreasing light to that of longer days. After we celebrate the rebirth of the sun, we can start to make plans for what we want to increase in the future for ourselves and for the benefit of others around us.

In January I resolved to: "Do some form of divination for the world at least once a month and post about it." It was one of my 10 New Year Resolutions. The High Priestess was December's tarot card. Below are links to the readings I did in the previous 11 months. Please feel free to leave a comment to tell me how you think I did with my readings and predictions:

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