Tuesday 14 May 2024

My Copy of the Austin Osman Spare Tarot has Arrived!

This is the latest addition to my tarot collection - the long-awaited Austin Osman Spare Tarot Deck. The famous chaos magician hand-painted the originals for this unique set of cards, but it's only now been reproduced in a facsimile form available to ordinary witches like me. 

Strange Attractor Press produced a book about the set, Lost Envoy: The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare, back in 2016, and has now published the cards themselves. Eager to get a copy, I backed the kickstarter in 2022, and am very happy to have finally received my parcel. The picture above shows what was inside the box: 

  • The AOS tarot cards
  • A bag to put them in
  • A copy of The Lost Envoy book
  • Another book reproducing The Tarot by SL MacGregor Mathers and How to Tell Fortunes by the Cards by Rapoza
  • Postcards with images from the cards
  • A badge

This all came in a nice presentation box with Spare's monogram. I'm looking forward to using the cards and will do a reading for the world with them soon.

Copies of The Lost Envoy can be viewed on Amazon

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