Friday 14 June 2024

Books: Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic - A Seasonal Read

Summer is a time to enjoy the flowers and herbs in season, and maybe to think about fairy folklore too. Here's a look at a book about fairies, herbs and magic. It's by Daniela Simina. It's due to reach shops in August, but can already be pre-ordered and I had a chance to read it early. This is the endorsement I wrotre about it:

Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic is a practical book on herb and fairy lore, and how the two intersect. Daniela Simina is a lifelong practitioner of traditional Romanian fairy magic as well as having a solid research background in Irish fairy lore. She also really knows about herbs and their magical uses. The book starts with an examination of the fairy faith, fairy magic, and partnerships between humans and fairies in history and folklore. This sets the groundwork for chapters covering how herbs can be used both for interactions with fairies and in spells to cleanse, protect, heal, attract love and promote general wellbeing. This book offers a wealth of information and would be a wonderful reference work for any witch’s shelf.”

Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic is published by Moon Books. You can find Daniela Simina's author page here.

The book can be viewed on Amazon. (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links.)

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