Thursday 13 June 2024

Witchy Recycling: A Whisky Box Lid as an Incense Stand

I was just about to put an empty box from an Ardmore whisky bottle into the recycling when I saw how lovely the lid was. It depicts an eagle, which might possibly be seen flying over the Scottish distillary these days. 

Then I realised the lid would make a great stand for an incense cone or a tealight - so that's what it is now. I think it would be perfect to help represent the element of air. The eagle is more visible with the cone because a candle covers most of it up, so I'll probably use it mostly for incense. 

I'd like to say this is my craft project for the month, but technically I didn't have to do anything with it except repurpose it!

The whisky was given to me as a present, I like to add. I do enjoy whisky sometimes, but I don't drink it that often. These days, in fact, I usually just drink a beer or cider or the odd glass of wine at weekends. My doctor gave me an NHS health check-up a little while ago and told me to be a bit healthier in my lifestyle in general.

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