Monday 2 March 2009

TV: Grow Your Own Drugs

Not advice on how to cultivate cannabis in your greenhouse, as it may sound, Grow Your Own Drugs, is a new television series that begins tonight on BBC2 at 8.30pm, is all about natural remedies.

I am fascinated by herbalism and the ways plants have been used for ages to heal all kinds of ailments, and I love learning what the flowers - and weeds - in my garden can be used for as well as looking pretty. So, I will definitely be keeping an eye on this series.

The presenter, James Wong, is an ethnobotanist from London's Kew Gardens. In the first episode he looks at soup made with goji berries and chillies, which are reputed to be good for the immune system and for thinning mucus. I think I could probably do with some of that myself right now, as I have been suffering with a nasty cough for the past few days.

There is a book available to go with the TV series, called Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Fixes: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Treats, by James Wong. it costs £10.19 through Amazon.

This has also prompted me to start reading Bud, Blossom, Leaf: The Magical Herb Gardener's Handbook, a book by Wiccan author Dorothy Morrison, that has been sitting on my unread pile for a little while. This seems like ideal spring-time reading matter, as it is about planning, planting and growing various types of magical garden; for culinary, cosmetic and first aid use; for spells and rituals; for meditation; and even to attract fairies.

I will review it on A Bad Witch's Blog in a few days.

Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Fixes: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Treats


Mouse said...

Hi bad witch, I found your site through googling blogs on this series after watching it tonight. I don't have much herbal knowledge but am enjoying dipping my paws into using natural recipes. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this show.


Badwitch said...

Mouse - thanks for leaving your comment. I really enjoyed the programme and will certainly be watching the rest of the series. I'm thinking of trying out the hop and lavender sleep pillow, too, as I sometimes suffer from insomnia when I'm feeling stressed.

Anonymous said...

Love dorothy morrisons books! always a good read.

Not read that one, will have to buy it when I ain't broke lol.


Antony x

Badwitch said...

I got my copy secondhand. It is well worth checking the secondhand books on sites like Amazon as they are much cheaper than buying new.