Tuesday 30 June 2009

Lucky Times for a Bad Witch

I do believe that some people are just born lucky - their bread never falls butter side down; the rain starts just after they bring their washing in, not just after they put it out; and if they buy a raffle ticket they are likely to win a prize.

I'm not that kind of person. I've probably entered thousands of competitions over the years and all I've ever won was a cookery book and a bottle of wine - hardly mega-prizes. I also often buy raffle tickets to support charities or at pagan festivals, but I never win. That is, until recently.

At Witchfest South back in May I won some lovely Gothic jewellery in the raffle - although I'm still waiting for the right event to wear it to. Then, last Sunday, I bought two strips of tickets at
the Gaia-Sol Convention and won two really great prizes - one from each strip!

My first prize was a copy of Häxan - Witchcraft Through the Ages - a rare DVD of a classic black and white movie that was banned for many years because it was considered obscene. Produced in 1922, it is a documentary/drama about superstition in medieval times and the persecution of witches. I haven't watched the DVD yet, but I am looking forward to doing so and I'll definitely review it on A Bad Witch's Blog.

The second thing I won was a lovely set of Ogham staves made by Greenwoman Crafts, a pagan craft business that makes and sells Wiccan and magical items. I don't know how to use Ogham, but one of my New Year Resolutions was to learn a new witchy skill, so I guess I'll be looking for a book to teach me.

I don't know why my luck has recently changed, but I certainly thank Lady Fortuna for smiling on me, and I'll enjoy making good use of my prizes!

Häxan - Witchcraft Through the Ages [1922] [DVD]


slothgoth said...

I think this is your good deeds coming back to you, like the universe giving you a well-deserved hug!

Badwitch said...

That's a nice idea! I'd never really taken the three-fold return theory literally, but I guess I have won three prizes :)