Tuesday 16 April 2013

Pagan Eye: White Swan on a Tranquil Lake

Rupert Hewison, who lives in Australia and has previously sent me some great photos from down under, photographed this lake scene when he was on holiday in Sweden.

He said: "This was my first full day on holiday in Sweden in July 2012. I'd never visited Sweden before and, coming from far away Australia to the homeland of Bergman, Max von Sydow, Volvo and ABBA, I already felt I was in an exotic place when I happened upon this white swan preening itself at the lake. All the swans in Australia are black so to me a white swan was a very special treat. The photo was taken at Tranås in the south of Sweden where I stayed with my friends."

I was surprised to learn that all the swans in Australia are black, as black swans are quite rare in England. I believe white swans are also the norm in other parts of Europe too. It is a beautiful picture and I love the reflection of the clouds and the bird itself.

According to the Druid Animal Oracle, the swan indicates that the person drawing the card - or perhaps seeing a swan - could receive inspiration from the Otherworld or that love is about to enter their life. The card in the divination set represents a scene from the Irish tale The Dream of Oenghus. In this story the god Oenghus falls in love with a girl who has been cursed to turn into a swan. In order to be with her, he turns himself into a swan too and they fly away together. The swan in this tale represents love, grace, beauty and also the ability to communicate with the realm of the spirits.

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