Sunday 21 July 2013

Event: Circle of Ankerwycke Lammas Ritual

The Circle of Ankerwycke, a pagan group based in Staines, on the Thames just west of London, has sent me details of their Lammas Ritual and Celebration ritual. Here is what they say about the event:
At Ankerwycke we have always recognised the joys of summer and the cutting of the first corn. John Barleycorn reigns supreme on this night so we celebrate him with music, dance, food and drink. Home baked bread, mead, fruit juice and all the goodness of the hedgerow.

Sabbats are always magical at Ankerwycke and this night will be no exception. Deep in the woods and surrounded by trees many centuries old, we light the candles and burn the incense. We work magic to ensure a continued good harvest and celebrate Lughnassadh.

We enjoy the music under the trees and enjoy watching the Ankerwycke Morris side dance to the hypnotic music of the first harvest. Come along and cheer them on - they love it!
The Lammas Ritual and Celebration will take place at an outdoor location at Ankerwycke near Staines on 1st August at 8pm. For more details and to reserve a place, email

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