Wednesday 16 October 2013

Shopping: Das Horn - A Viking-Style Drinking Vessel

Well, here is a press release I was sent that I couldn't resist sharing in full:

Das Horn - The Ultimate Drinking Horn

There's nothing better after a hard day's pilfering, plundering, and pillaging than an ice cold brewski. But not just any old tankard, chalice or pint glass will suffice. Great Odin's Raven, NO! So raise a toast to the 'Allfather' and hail your 1000th Twitter follower with Das Horn – the beautifully designed drinking horn for the iPod generation.

Following a victorious Kickstarter campaign, New York designers David Segall and Alex Chatham opted to craft their Viking-style drinking vessel from sleek white BPA free ABS plastic, with a laser etched stainless steel rim. So no yak hairs in your mead!

The shape of this handsome vessel has been perfectly refined for both comfort and volume, easily holding around 1.2 pints - although it's not recommended for hot drinks. Short of arriving in a longboat it’s the ultimate way to establish who’s boss at any shindig (after all, only peasants would drink from a mug).

Of course, the downside of drinking out of a horn is that it’s not the easiest thing to put down mid-ale. And today’s beards just aren’t thick enough to carry them. Well fret ye not. Das Horn comes with a handy lanyard - for carrying around the neck - and a suitably stylish black metal display stand; ready for a glorious return from looting the fridge.

Available for two bits of ‘hack silver’ (£24.99) from The Fowndry.

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Pik-Cor said...

OMG! Have to get one for the hubby!