Wednesday 18 December 2013

Photo Fame: A Book on London Ghosts and Mysteries

A photo I took has been used in a book and I'm feeling very proud. You can see the photo above and the book it is in is called Geoffrey de Mandeville and London's Camelot. It is by historian Jennie Lee Cobban and published by Barnet Museum and Local History Society.

The history society says on its website: "Read about the mysteries, ghost stories and the occult that surrounded the powerful nobleman, denizen of South Mimms castle and owner of vast tracts of southern England."

Jennie emailed me and asked permission to use the photo, which I took at Camlet Moat last winter, in the new edition of her book. It shows a decorated tree on the island in the middle of the moat that is thought to be a possible site of the legendary Camelot.

I'm looking forward to reading Geoffrey de Mandeville and London's Camelot, and when I've done so I'll post a review on my blog. Mind you, my pile of books to review is rather high at the moment. I'm currently reading Ronald Hutton's Pagan Britain, which is brilliant, and I also have Tracy Borman's Witches to read, which I am sure I'll enjoy. Geoffrey de Mandeville and London's Camelot looks excellent too.

Copies of Geoffrey de Mandeville and London's Camelot can be bought at Barnet Museum Shop or ordered by post. For details, call 020 8440 8066 or visit the website:

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