Monday, 1 January 2018

The Bad Witch's 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2018

I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and are looking forward to a bright start to 2018, whether you choose to plan for the months ahead or just go with the flow.

Personally, I like to make new year resolutions - and here are mine for 2018. Rather than just making a single resolution, I make a list of at least 10 things I want to achieve over the year. I find that if I write a list of several things I have a good chance of succeeding in at least some of them. In 2017 I did seven of the 10 things I hoped to do - which is about the number I usually achieve. I don't think I've ever scored 10 out of 10, but that's okay.

My list for 2018 includes some continuations of things I've been doing already, some things I failed to do last year or the year before and a few new projects I'm keen to try out. Here they are:

  1. My book Pagan Portals - Poppets and Magic Dolls is due to be published in the summer and I aim to do some talks or workshops covering a few of the things in it.
  2. Create a candle labyrinth. I meant to do this last year, but didn't get around to. I am keen to do it in 2018. 
  3. Try out a different craft project every month. Last year I made 12 mandalas from natural objects to represent the cycle of the seasons and enjoyed that. I also spent a lot of time making different types of poppets as research for my book, but now I fancy more variety in my crafting. 
  4. Visit at least one ancient site I haven't yet blogged about before. This is something on my list every year, but there are still plenty of places to visit.
  5. Visit somewhere connected with the history of witchcraft that I haven't visited before.
  6. Explore more of London on foot and write about aspects of the city I've not yet blogged about.
  7. Back in 2016 I wrote a post called Tales from the Witch Room - about decorating the room in my house where I keep all my witchy books and magical tools. I've got so many treasured items in my witch room that I thought I'd blog about some of them. I'm going to plan a monthly post.
  8. Attend at least one large pagan open ritual for a Wheel of the Year festival and blog about it. Last year I mainly went to small, private celebrations and it has been too long since I've been to a public event of that kind.
  9. Try out at least half a dozen guided visualisations from published books or audio recordings and review them. I have quite a few that I've acquired but not done. This would be a good incentive to get around to doing them.
  10. Start another writing project.

The photo at the top was taken in my witch room and shows one of my crystal balls, a lovely notebook that says "spells" on the front, a pencil topped with a fuzzy black cat and a very large cup of tea. 

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