Thursday 18 April 2019

Pagan Eye: Occult Art at Plymouth Labyrinth

Phil Smith, whose weird adult activity book I blogged about earlier, sent me this photo. It shows one of the objects on display at Plymouth Labyrinth, which is an art installation and events programme currently on Plymouth.

He said that this is "one of the more occulted elements of the exhibition." 

I think it is an inventive way to upcycle a rusty wheel and an old boiler into something that looks like a dystopian future version of the Museum of Witchcraft's Wondrous Candle. I like it.

Plymouth Labyrinth is on until 19 April at RAAY (Royal Adelaide Art & Yoga), 9 Adelaide St, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3JE. You can buy the activity book, which is useful even if you aren't in Plymouth, here.

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Badwitch said...

My Pagan Eye posts are generally one picture with a little text about that picture. I do often include more than one or two pictures on posts with longer text.