Monday 26 October 2020

Shopping: Stardust Apothecary & Season of the Witch

When Kitchen Witchcraft author Rachel Patterson recommended Stardust Apothecary as making some really lovely Samhain items, my fellow Bad Witch blogger Jane Mortimer ordered a package of goodies from the Etsy shop. It arrived a few days ago. Jane wrote:

"In the parcel were bottles of anointing oil for Protection and Success, a roll-on bottle of Poison Witch perfumed oil, a little surprise bag containing a tea-light, some nice incense cones and a cute little bottle of Blue Moon oil, and best of all a bottle of 'Season of the Witch' perfume spray. I am particularly happy about the perfume spray because as it mellows it evokes a memory of a perfume I absolutely loved as a teenager. So, any crones out there who loved and lost Miners' 'Wild' perfume in the late 60s, take a trip down memory lane with this lovely scent. I'd recommend it to witches of all ages. After all, I was only fifteen when I fell in love with it! Stardust apothecary's packaging is very secure, and filled out with compostable veg-based thingies - not polystyrene.  The little coffin box and drawstring bags can be re-used, as can the sweet little silver charms tied to the ribbon bows. Jane is a happy bunny!"

Jane liked the Season of the Witch perfume so much, she decided to order more, but was disappointed to see it had sold out and that Stardust Apothecary is now busy producing the winter range. However, she chatted to Amaris who runs Stardust, who said she might be able to reproduce the perfume before the end of the year if there was enough demand. I hope it does come back into stock as I'm keen to try it out myself now!

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