Tuesday 9 November 2021

Pagan Eye: Palm Crystals, Candle Holder & Cone Burner

Here's a photo of lovely witchy things found by Jane Mortimer while shopping and earlier this year on holiday in Cornwall.

Jane said: "The best things I found were a witchy hat incense cone burner from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle (I've tried it and it works very well), two palm stones (rose quartz and selenite), and a lovely 18th Century French brass chamber stick, which is going to see a lot of magick."

Palm stones are ideal for holding while meditating, scrying, or doing other psychic work for insight. Selenite is a beautiful crystal that's often white or transluscent and can help bring clarity of mind, peace and protection. It's also good for tapping into memories from the past. Rose quartz is always good for love magic or when scrying for answers to questions of the heart. One word of warning though: selenite dissolves in water, so don't leave it outdoors or let it get wet.

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The photo is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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