Monday 14 February 2022

Tarot: The Love Card from the Lover's Path Tarot

Love can change the world. 

I opened my box of The Lover's  Path Tarot and a single card leapt into my hand - it was Love. Obviously the entire deck is about love, but this card more than any other is about how much it can be a force for positive change.

The image on the card depicts Isis and Osiris. I'm sure most people reading this will know the tale from Ancient Egypt, but the simple story is this: Isis and Osiris were in love. Set was jealous and murdered Osiris. Using the power of her love - as well as some magic - Isis brought Osiris back to life. 

The meaning of this card is about more than passion in personal relationships; it is about "Love that transforms the world around you as well as yourself."

I do believe that focusing on what we truly love, rather than what we fear or even what we hate, can help make our own lives happier. I also believe it can be a force for good in general. When we feel in love, it is as though the world comes to life around us and is filled with joy.

Of course, love is complicated - and most of the cards in The Lover's Tarot show just how complicated it can be - but this card is about love in its most essential form. Today, think about what you truly love and how you can use those feelings for the greatest good.

In some decks - or some readings - this card is The Lovers and can be interpreted as being about choices in relationships, but that isn't the interpretation I sensed when I drew this card for this post.

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