Thursday 5 May 2022

Colchester Castle Unlocking Tales of Witch Trial Victims

Colchester Castle is aiming to display an exhibition telling the stories of the people accused of witchcraft in its history. The exhibition set to start on July 16th this summer, and will be called Wicked Spirits? Witchcraft and Magic. Colchester Castle is working with the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic to put it on. However, the organisers are asking for help to raise the £15,000 needed to unlock the stories of one of the most tragic periods in its history.  ArtFundUK is behind the project too. 

You can back the project, and sign up for exclusive rewards, via this link:

I visited Colchester Castle earlier this year and photographed a plaque in the grounds that remembers those accused of witchcraft in Essex. It reads:
"In the 16th and 17th centuries, over 200 women and men were held in the cells of Colchester Castle on charges of witchcraft. Many died while awaiting their trial. Much of the evidence was based on superstition, ignorance and hysteria. This plaque is placed as a memorial to them all and in the hope of an end to persecution and intolerance."
Inside the castle I also visited the dungeon in which there are replicas of cells where those accused of witchcraft were held. I aim to go back when this new exhibition is running and I'll be blogging more about it in future.

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