Monday 30 May 2022

What Do You Do When Others See Things You Can't?

What do you do when others say they can see strange things, but you can't? And how do you classify it? 

When I invited people to suggest things for me to write about on A Bad Witch's Blog, Fiona was the first to reply. She wrote:

"Seeing things that are not there. Or rather looking for things that someone can see but not you. Physical things that people are sure they have seen but are not apparent to anyone else. Not necessarily ghosts. Perhaps buildings or items or animals.

" When I was a chld , if I was in a bad mood, my mother would say "You've got the monkey on your back". Probably a throwback to demons, but some people claim to see such things.

"What would this be classed as? (Probably covering various disciplines here)."

I think it's a very interesting question and one I've thought about when scrying alongside other witches or teaching divination classes. When people look into a crystal ball, dark mirror or cauldron of water for answers to questions or clues about what the future might hold, the psychic impressions they get are personal. With that kind of psychic work, I've not yet found a way of completely experiencing what others are experiencing, even though we might be staring into the same cauldron of water. Afterwards everyone is likely to say they got different messages. Some will be adamant they saw nothing except what was physically there, some will report vague psychic impressions, some will say they saw movie-like scenes played out before their eyes. They're all valid responses.

When Fiona put her question on my Facebook author page, Gaybrielle replied: "My belief is that we see whatever is meant for us. This past year I've lost that notion that people will think I'm crazy if I speak of my gifts, and that's what it is, A gift, to hear, see, feel all the magick. I'm in tune now."

That's a good response. When I'm scrying with others I don't question what they say they experienced. It doesn't matter if they saw something that couldn't be recorded with a camera or if the images were only in the mind. What's important is that they found something in answer to their question. They can mull over the symbolism and significance and what that might mean to them personally. It's their truth and only matters to them.

Ghosts, Demons and Scammers

My attitude is different when people are trying to make money out of things they claim they've seen that others can't. I very much object to fraudulent mediums taking advantage of the bereaved by claiming they can contact people or animals who have passed when all they are doing is cold reading. They aren't seeing into the spirit realm, they're making high-probability guesses and picking up on things like body language. 

I'm definitely not saying all mediums are fraudulent or that no one can see ghosts. I've experienced what I believe is contact with spirits myself and it's very common for someone who has lost a loved one to sense their continued presence. Again, I accept what they say. It's their truth and I'm not going to try to strip that away from them. I regard people's pesonal spiritual beliefs as their own business. I only get into debunker mode if someone's trying to con other people.

Another scam is supposed psychics claiming they can see someone has a negative energy attached to them, or even a demon. The scammer then says they can get rid of the attachment at a price. Be very, very wary if anyone tries to get you to pay for this kind of service. If you're worried you might have an unwanted "monkey on your back", my advice is do some cleansing rituals. Put salt into your bathwater. Do a smoke cleansing of your home. Open the doors and windows then get a broom and visualise sweeping negative energy out. Tell the unwanted house guest to go. Those inexpensive techniques are probably all you need. 


Fiona asked how you classify things you can't see but others claim they can. Second sight is probably the closest general term for the power to perceive things that aren't physically present. There might be better terms to use - if you can think of one, please leave a comment.

I hope that went some way to covering the topic - and thanks very much to Fiona for suggesting it. Also thanks to Gaybrielle for her response. 

The picture shows a pentagram charm viewed through a crystal ball


Unknown said...

Thats a very understandable explanation. I've often thought I see something out of the corner of my eye or thought someone or something was near and when I turn there is nothing. I put it down to an over active brain too quick to try to interpret the environment. I'm also a bit prone to anthropomorphise objects.
I've read a lot on how the brain works and how sometimes we don't really translate what we see and hear correctly. I also know there are many layers of light and sound and everyone has a different capacity for seeing and hearing the world. I would question what people have seen but never deny them because we can only ever see through our own interface, never through someone elses's eyes.

Badwitch said...

Thank you, that's a very good way of looking at it. However, I would question what is meant by "correctly". If one is scrying, then "correct" doesn't really equate to "what is physically present", as we are deliberately looking for the ways our minds interpret what we see rather what a camera might capture in a photo. Pareidolia is a useful way of listening to what our subconcious might be telling us, rather than being a "wrong" way of seeing a random inkblot, for example.

Unknown said...

I was thinking of the way the brain can work quicker than the concious mind. Often Deja Vue is because the brain has taken in a scene and processed it into memory before the concious part of the brain is aware of it. So when the concious catches up a few seconds later we think we have been there before. Also we can absorb knowledge without knowing we are doing it, hearing something in the background and logging it and then much later finding we know the answer to a question without knowing how we knew it.And of course there is synesthesia where people can hear colour and see sounds. It's all about how our brains are wired and everyone is different, so who is to say that there isn't something out there that only certain people are tuned in to seeing or hearing. Worlds that the human senses in general don't pick up but certain people have that little difference which enables them to do so.

Badwitch said...

Oh absolutely! I am confident that some things exist that science can't yet prove exists, but some people can nevertheless sense.