Thursday 1 December 2022

Poetry for Yuletide: An Offering of Treasure

This year, a lot of people are having to cut back on their present-buying for the festive season due to the cost of living crisis. There's also the sustainability issue of excess packagaing on many items sold as gifts. With those things in mind, I wrote this poem:

An Offering of Treasure

I offer you this treasure,
In a box.
Wrapped in paper.

Unpeel it.
Open it.
Fold back the tissue.

Is it what you wanted?
Nestled inside the packaging.
Promising so much.

Remember that feeling
When you see the reality.

Will you thank me
With honest eyes?

Tell me, truthfully
What you saw
In that empty box.

The poem is about how overpackaged gift sets sold in high street shops are often disappointing inside and not worth the money paid for them. In previous years I've blogged with posts suggesting Yule gift ideas. This year I'm not going to be doing that because it puts unecessary pressure on people to buy things they might not be able to afford. Remember that most friends and family will completely understand if you tell them you won't be offering them presents this season.

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