Tuesday 31 January 2023

Imbolc Eve & Burning a Candle for Brigid for 19 Nights

This evening I will be lighting a flame for the goddess Brigid, the same candle that I've been burning for the past 18 days. In the picture at the top you can see it as it was yesterday on my altar. 

I began this devotional practice earlier this month with a group of pagan friends in the Woodspirits group, and blogged about it. We've been lighting our candles in our own homes, but sharing our thoughts and pictures on the group's Facebook page. The idea was suggested using inspiration from "Nineteen Flames for Brigid" as described by Lunaea Weatherstone in her book Tending Brigid's Flame. I marked a candle with 19 sections and burnt one each towards the end of the day. You can see what it looked like originally in the photo to the right.

Each evening our group focussed on a theme or area of life with which Brigid is associated. The first evening was dedicated to welcoming Brigid. Following that we focussed on fires of the hearth, the ancestors, Brigid's sacred flamekeepers, poetry, courage, righteous causes, the oppressed, new beginnings, smithcraft, the Earth, animals, water, creativity, nourishment, peace and gratefulness. Tomorrow morning the group will discuss the words for the final night and Imbolc Eve.

Behind the candle I put cards representing Brigid from three different oracle decks. They also had words on them showing Brigid's varied associations. The first card is from the Divine Feminine Oracle. The words on it are: "Brigid, Goddess of the Eternal Flame. I am the Eternal Flame and each day might light grows brighter."

The second card is from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck and simply reads: "Brigit - Inner Peace."

The third card is from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. The message on it is: Brigid - Inner Strength. Move back to wholeness. Recognise that you have the power."

I've found it helpful and thought-provoking to consider all those different messages as I've sat in contemplation withy my candle burning. Some seemed more relevant to me than others, but the entire experience has been worthwhile. I look forward to any insights I will find when I light my flame and tend it tonight in Brigid's name.

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