Monday 18 July 2022

Review: Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck by Ann Shen

The gift shop at the end of the Feminine Power Exhibition has some magical things, including the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot and the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck by Ann Shen. 

I was delighted - if surprised - to see the British Museum selling tarot and oracle cards, but I treated myself to the Legendary Ladies as it wasn't a set I'd seen before. I then added it to the altar Laura Daligan and I set up for the goddess workshop we ran alongside the exhibition. The altar contained items to help inspire creativity, and drawing a card from it inspired me to write a poem: Goddess Who Lights the Way.

The thing I like most about the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck is that it includes some less common feminine mythological figures. A few examples are the Polynesian moon goddess Hina, the Norse sea goddess Ran, and the Sumarian mermaid-like deity Atargatis. I picked those cards at random while writing this review, but if you notice a water theme, that's continuing a trend from the workshop. Several of us felt inspired to craft mermaid figures from air-drying clay. 

The booklet that comes with the set describes ways you can use the cards for divination, including a variety of spreads and variations on three-card readings. But first it suggests choosing goddesses to help invoke their powers in your life. I'm all for using tarot and oracle cards for spells and any other time you want representations of deities and archetypes.

You can see what the artwork's like from the pictures on this post. It's a bit cutesy, which is a hint the deck's aimed more at beginners to magic, goddess spirituality and divination. However, because it depicts goddesses you might not find in other decks with the same theme, I'm happy to have this as an addition to my collection. 

At the time of sharing this post, the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck doesn't seem to be available in the British Museum's online shop, but I'm confident there are still copies in the gift shop. You can also view Legendary Ladies on Amazon

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