Friday 24 November 2023

Sherlock Holmes Tarot: Two of Analysis (Cups)

The Sherlock Holmes Tarot isn't a set I often use. Although I'm a fan of the stories and I love the artwork on these cards, I don't find these cards easy to interpret. However, I like to ring the changes with tarot so I decided to pick a card for the world using this deck. The card that came into my hand was the Two of Analysis, corresponding with Cups which are all about emotion.

Now, Sherlock Holmes isn't someone you'd think of as emotional, quite the opposite, which is why I guess the suit has been called Analysis by John Matthew and Wil Kinghan who created the tarot set. But the two card depicts an emotional situation: the moment Watson leaves 221B Baker Street, which he shared with his long-time friend Holmes. He is about to enter a hackney cab in which his new wife Mary waits. Holmes stands in the distance behind them.

The relationship between Holmes and Watson is open to many interpretations, but they are more iconic as a partnership than Watson and Mary. In fact, Watson returns to live with his old friend the consulting detective after Mary dies a few years later. The emotion in this scene feels stronger because it is constrained. 

The Two of Cups in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is obviously about partnerships, friendships, romance and contractual relationships. It shows a man and women facing each other, each holding a large golden chalice. A winged lion-headed spirit flies above them, but it's unclear if the entity is entirely blessing their union or frowning. 

So, what do I think the message of this card is for the world? As usual, I have to work hard with this deck, but it's definitely about relationships - which could be romantic but could also be more contractual partnerships, and could also be about reconciliation between two parties. It's important to recognise our emotions, but not let them get the better of us. Use clear thinking and analysis when deciding what to do, but be guided by feelings of love and affection. Who are you in this situation of three people?  Remember that we never know exactly what the future might hold, so do your best now with your highest intentions.

The Sherlock Holmes Tarot was published by Connections but is now out of print although you can still find copies on Amazon. I'll be keeping my deck even though I don't use it that often.

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