Friday 16 September 2022

Pagan Eye: The Goddess Aphrodite at Feminine Power

There's about a week left to see Feminine Power - The Divine to the Demonic at the British Museum, and I'm hoping to go around the exhition one more time before it closes on September 25th. Looking through the photos I took when I was there for the launch party, I decided to share this one of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of passion. The description underneath it reads:

"Embodying the ideals of Greek female beauty, the goddess Aphrodite enflamed passion in all its forms from love and sexual ecstasy to rage and despair. She was petitioned in matters of pleasure and desire, as well as for political, social and military success. Known as Venus by the Romans, she had the power to bring about both reconciliation and conflict."

Today, I am also lighting a candle to Aphrodite that the healing power of love can indeed bring about reconciliation between all friends who argue, but wish for peace.

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