Tuesday 18 October 2022

Book Review: Labyrinth - Walking the Radiant Path

I've always been fascinated by labyrinths and I've taken the opportunity to walk them whenever I can. So, I was very excited when I was given a copy of  Labyrinth -  Walking the Radiant Path by Lyn Brandwood. The book completely lived up to my hopes too. You see, although I've walked labyrinths, I'd never created one myself before. 

Labyrinth -  Walking the Radiant Path gives step-by-step illustrated instructions, which I easily followed to draw the one in the photo at the top. It's perfect for following as a finger meditation, although I'm intending to use the same technique to create a candle labyrinth, which has long been on my list of resolutions. But I'm getting ahead of myself and writing about my future plans rather than reviewing the book. Here's what it says on publisher Bibliotheca Alexandrina's website:

"Our ancestors have walked the sacred paths of labyrinth since the dawn of time. We are now rediscovering the spiritual benefits of walking them, and Lyn Brandwood makes it an accessible and enjoyable experience. You will learn how to draw your own labyrinths and walk them, or simply trace them with your fingers as a meditation. Depending on your intent, you can choose from labyrinth walks focusing on the elements, animal powers, goddesses, or sabbats of the Wheel of the Year. Each walk is accompanied by a pathworking which can be used before the walk or on its own, in a group or a solitary setting."

The practical exercises in the book are beautiful and range from a simple walking meditation to experience the labyrinth energy, through to a series of pathworkings and labyrinth walks to be done over the course of a year. The book is clearly written and concise but packed with lots of information too. You can open the pages, draw your labyrinth and start your practice almost immediately, which is a big plus in my opinion. 

I know my own labyrinth drawing is a bit wonky, but it perfectly served my purpose as a finger path to use in starting the exercises in the book. I look forward to doing more in the months to come.

You can find copies of Labyrinth -  Walking the Radiant Path at the publisher's website or order it via Treadwell's Bookshop in London.

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