Monday 13 February 2023

A Lover's Path Tarot Reading: The Four of Coins

I drew a card as a reading for the world and, because Valentine's Day is this week, I used the Lover's Path Tarot. What I revealed was the Four of Coins, which is not traditionally a card about romance - it's about money, stability and material possessions. In this deck the picture is a woman lying on a sumptuous couch surrounded by gold coins and clutching one in her hand. Her face is turned away from a figure behind her - perhaps only a daydream or memory - who looks on her gently.

The book that comes with the set says the meaning is about stability of material forces in one's life. It can mean money that comes from inheritance, a talent, possessions or some other quality. In more traditional decks, such as the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, the image is that of a miserly looking man clutching and standing on his coins, but in the Lover's Path only the reversed card means miserliness.

I'm going to get a little intuitive in my interpretation of the card I drew, especially as I also picked a card from the Flowers of Love Oracle. That indicated internal conflict in matters of the heart. What I think these cards mean together is that at the moment many of us are conflicted between our need for financial stability and our heart's desires. 

Take time to consider what is going to bring you true richness in life. Is it material wealth even if that means turning your back on other forms of happiness? Or is there some way you can both be with a person you love or do the things you love as well as earn enough money to pay the bills? Security is important, but it isn't everything.

You can see yet another way of interpreting the Four of Coins in a reading I did back in 2020 using the Fairy Tarot.  

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