Friday 11 August 2023

Wondering Where This Box Is From & What It's For

Every day this month I've been photographing something I love in my witchy room, then sharing the picture on Instagram and reposting to Twitter (sorry, I mean X). This is the picture I shared on August 4th, and it's a bit of a puzzle so I'm also blogging about it.  

I bought this lovely decorated metal box at a boot fair many years ago, and it looked quite old when I bought it. The box is big enough to hold a book inside and has a carrying strap. It's covered in pink, green, red and blue velvet and has wire pentacles and glass embellishments. I don't know where it originated or what purpose it was made for. That's the puzzle.

If you have any thoughts about where it might be from or what it might have been intended for, please leave a comment.

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