Thursday 4 January 2024

A Reading: 10 of Swords Reversed & Crossing Bridges

I drew a tarot card for the world for this January and it was the 10 of swords. That's a card no one really wants to see in a reading. It means ruin, although that destruction can also make way for new things. I've blogged about this before. 

However, this time the card came out reversed - or upside-down - so the meaning changes slightly. The deck I used was The Essential Tarot, and this is what it says in the book that comes with the boxed set:

"Even if you knew destruction was inevitable, you're finding it hard to accept... Maybe you are looking back...feeling bitter. Accept what has happened... Let go and move on."

Many people have had awful experiences in the past few years. Some are still struggling and in difficult situations. Sugar-coating these things doesn't help. Acceptance is tough, but it is part of the process of dealing with what must be, and then being able to look towards the future. 

Because the 10 of swords is such a unpleasant card, even when reversed, I drew a second. This was from the Sacred Traveler Oracle and what appeared was Crossing Bridges, with the words: "It's time for healing, connecting, mending and releasing." The book that comes with the set explains that crossing bridges is a way of letting go of the past to begin a new cycle of life. It adds that sometimes you need to burn your bridges behind you. That's metaphorical of course, no one is suggesting arson, but if you feel you need to cut the connections with people, places or situations that were bad for you then go ahead without actual violence! 

If you feel it is appropriate, you could do a visualisation in which you survey the wreckage of a bad situation, then look towards the horizon in which a new day is dawning. Visualise walking along a path away from the ruins. You see a bridge ahead of you, crossing a fast-flowing river. Walk purposefully across the bridge and enter a new landscape containing signs of hope for the future.

One of my resolutions for 2024 is to do some form of divination for the world at least once a month and post about it. You can read my other plans here.

You can view The Essential Tarot on Amazon and also find copies there of The Sacred Traveler Oracle.

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Jane M said...

Oh dear, Lucya! Your cards are spot on! In the light of all the recent flooding, and the wars, earthuakes etc that are happening in the world, building bridges to get away from the destruction and carnage looks like being the only way forward. Perhaps your next reading - or maybe one more card - might give a clue as to where the bridges will lead people. I hope it's somewhere a lot better than where they're escaping from!