Friday 31 May 2024

Divination: The Knave of Diamonds from the AOS Tarot

I drew a card as a reading for the world from the Austin Osman Spare Tarot and found the Knave of Diamonds. Yes, I realise that's not strictly speaking a tarot card. The famous chaos magician who created this deck over 100 years ago only used traditional tarot images for the Major Arcana, while the Minor Arcana derive more from cartomancy using standard playing cards. 

Spare wrote personalised meanings on the cards and drew images for upright and reversed positions. It makes it an interesting and unusual set to work with. His spelling was also idiosyncratic, but that's not too much of a problem. 

For the upright interpretation of this card, Spare wrote: "Studys his own interests... Selfish. centered.... Treachery... disagreements...meeting... Fraud."

There's a huge amount of that kind of thing happening in the world today. I think this message for us is to be aware of self-centred people, both among those we are meeting in person, and those in positions of power. 

Fraud is all around us these days - especially online scams. We need to be vigilant with regards to financial issues, while discussions won't always have a successful resolution. Be careful, and think things through before making any deal or signing agreements.

The AOS Tarot is published by Strange Attractor Press

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