Thursday 29 October 2020

Shopping: Treadwell's has Redecorated and Reopened

Treadwell's esoteric shop has had a complete facelift, and is now open in time for Samhain shopping. Although Treadwell's is best known for its wonderful stock of occult books, both new and old, it also sells loads of other things. Last year I bought a great quality Ouija board there, and it still has them in stock. You might be able to spot one in the picture above.

Owner Christina said: "Come see our refurbished shop floor, and get a book or two - or incense, candles, cauldrons, soaps, herbs. Umm, yes, there's a mummy in the window, too. Please also come just to say hello - we've missed you all."

I've missed visiting Treadwell's in person too, although I did order books from the online shop in the summer, including the Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic, which is brilliant. 

Treadwell's is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from noon to 5pm, and is at 33 Store Street, London WC1E. You can still order books online if you prefer, via the website: It is also still running online events including talks and workshops. 


Jane said...

Looks fab! I yearn to be back in the basement learning the Tarot and being enthralled by talks and workshops. When, oh when will the curse of covid be lifted?

Badwitch said...

Yes, I agree. So looking forward to teaching workshops to real people again!