Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Online and London Pagan Events in the Next Week

Here is a list of online events and activities for pagans, witches and those with similar interests over the next week or so. At the moment, things are often being reorganised, so please check before attending anything. I generally list events in the UK, especially in or near London, but some are outside that time zone, so check when it will start in your location. If you know an online ritual, talk, meeting or workshop you want included, please email me at

Now - 30 November; London Dreamtime: Werewolves of London Full Moon Audio Walk. Download the audio tour and listen from your smartphone to be led on a dusk tour around London's West End, In your own time, at dusk. Venue: Charing Cross, London, WC2N. Tickets · £12.

Now to 2 December; The Goddess Conference online festive market.

Wednesday 25 November; Wellbeing Wednesdays with Nadine and Caitriona. Online event. Two sessions: 12.30pm and 5.45pm. Tickets: £6 per session.

Wednesday 25 November; Shakti Yoga - Decompress. Online event with Dancing the Goddess. Time: 6pm. Tickets: £7.

Wednesday 25 November; Mindfulness Taster Session with Be Happiest via Zoom. Time: 6.30pm. Free. Details: and

Wednesday 25 November; Moon Books Live Talk and Discussion with Chris Allaun author of books on shamanism, hosted by Moon Books. Time: 7pm.

Wednesday 25 November;  Stories of the Vikings: Creation, Destruction, Magic, with Jason Buck Storyteller. Time: 7pm. Tickets · £7.50-£10

Wednesday 25 November; Sound Magic. Second part of online workshop with Nicole via Treadwell's Online. Via Zoom. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £40 for both sessions.

Wednesday 25 November; Cord Cutting Meditation with Lucy Porter. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 7pm. Tickets £5-£20 per session.

Wednesday 25 November; Hertford Laws of Return Moot. Online event via Zoom. Time: 8pm. Details:

Thursday 25 November; Work with Shamanism to Grow Personally and Professionally. Online event with Harriet Goudard every Thursday. Time: 10am. Free.

Thursday 26 November; Women and Crime in Shakespeare's time. Talk by Sandra Clark for Crouch End and District U3A. Time: 11am. Tickets: Free.

Thursday 26 November; Life in the Localities: Priests, Healers and Witches. Online talk as part of the Northern Early Modern Conference. Time: 1.20pm. Tickets: Free.

Thursday 26 November; Inner Alchemy. Online event with Julian Vayne, via Treadwell's. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £20.

Thursday 26 November; Marq English on 'Ghost Hunting - Do we have it all wrong?' Part of the online ASSAP talks which take place every Thursday. Time: 7pm. Free event. Tickets available to all ASSAP members. To join ASSAP, for £5 per year, visit

Thursday 26 November; Learn the Tarot - Suit of Pentacles Masterclass. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 7pm. Tickets £20-£30.

Friday 27 November (usually every Friday); Friday Live Chat hosted by Rachel Patterson, author of the Kitchen Witch series of books. Time: 9am. Free event.

Friday 27 November (usually every Friday); Shakti Yoga. Online event with Dancing the Goddess. Time: 9am. Tickets: £10.

Friday 27 November; Guidance with the Angels with Liesl Duffy. Online mini workshop through the College of Psychic Studies. Time: 1pm. Tickets: £55/£75.

Friday 27 November (usually every Friday); Psychic and Intuitive Skills Development. Online via Zoom with Mahesh Gordhan of the London School of Spirituality. Time: 8pm. Tickets: £5/£7.50.

Friday 27 November; Herbal series - chamomile. Online talk via Children of Circe, a private pagan group run by Richard Levy and sponsored by the Doreen Valiente Foundation. You must join the group to watch: Time: 8pm. Free.

Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 November; Online Winter Wytches Market hosted by The Plant Path Folk, Tawny El and others. Starts 10am.

Saturday 28 November; Online Yule Shopping with the Enchanted Market. Starts 10am.

Saturday 28 November; Yule Market - Online shopping  event hosted by Magik Tiger's Eye Crystals and Witchery. Time: 5.30pm.

Saturday 28 November; Elemental Dark Ages: Stories from nature. Online storytelling by Jason Buck Storyteller. All profits go towards supporting Butser Ancient Farm. Time: 7pm. Tickets · £10

Sunday 29 November and 6 December Shamanic counselling: an introduction. Two-session online class with Kathy Fried via City Lit. Time: 10am-5pm. Tickets: £139/£111/£95.

Sunday 29 November; Spellwork with oil burners. Online talk via Children of Circe, a private pagan group run by Richard Levy and sponsored by the Doreen Valiente Foundation. You have to join the group to watch the videos: Time: 5pm. Free event.

Sunday 29 November; Beaver Moon Breath Ceremony with Lisa Li via Zoom. Organised by Aho Studio, 13 Prince Edward Rd, London, E9 5LX. Time: 6pm. Tickets: £20.

Sunday 29 November; Woodland Bard Online with Jonathon Huet at Walk With Trees. Time: 6pm. Tickets:

Monday 30 November; Lunar Eclipse: Star Wisdom Online Meditation Workshop broadcast live from Avebury. Online event. Time: 9am. Tickets £28.28 paypal:  Details:

Monday 30 November (every Monday); Shakti Yoga - Awaken. Online event with Dancing the Goddess. Time: 7am. Tickets: £7.

Monday 30 November; Eclipse special: Full Moon eclipse in Gemini Facebook Live event with Yasmin Boland. Time: noon. Download the free tools you'll need here:

Monday 30 November (usually every Monday); Mindful Still Life Monday Sessions with London Drawing, via Zoom. Two sessions: 12.30pm and 6pm. Free, but donations welcome.

Monday 30 November; Secret storytelling in the Forest (anytime). Download the audioguide and be led around a south London forest  on your own in your own time (but best at dusk). Venue: Honour Oak Park. Price: £10.

Monday 30 November; How to Know Higher Worlds. Study and conversation group on Zoom hosed by Dr Sue Peat and Philip Martyn, through Rudolf Steiner House. Free. Time: 7pm.

Monday 30 November; Full Moon Circle. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 8pm. Tickets £5-£20 per session.

Monday 30 November; Witchcraft with Sol. Online workshop with Rebecca Beattie, author of Nature Mystics, via Treadwell's Online. Via Zoom. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £20.

Tuesday 1 December; Heavenly Alchemy - Alchemical influences in Shakespeare. Online talk via Treadwell's Online. Via Zoom. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £10.

Tuesday 1 December, The Bone Mother. Online class in Making Sacred Art with Imelda Almqvist. Time: 7pm. Tickets: £35.

Tuesday 1 December (usually first Tuesday of the month); Yule Gathering at the Witches' Inn Online Moot. Time: 8pm. Free event.

Wednesday 2 December; Drumming and Meditation Online with Taz Thornton via Zoom. (Usually on the first Wednesday of every month) Time: 7pm-8.30pm. Donation of £5 to £15. and

Wednesday 2 December; Full Moon Sound Journey. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 8.30pm. Tickets £5-£15 per session.

Thursday, 3 December; Psychedelic Magic. Online talk with Julian Vayne, via Treadwell's Online. Via Zoom. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £20.

Thursday, 3 December; Breathwork for Creativity. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Tickets: £5-£20. Time: 7pm.

Thursday, 3 December; Shooting the Wild Witch Breeze. Facebook Live Chat with Rachel Patterson an, witch and author, and pagan author Elen Sentier. A new chat video every two weeks on a Thursday. Time: 7pm.   Free.

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 December;  Goddess and Psychic online event. Starts 10am.

Friday 4 December; Psychogeography: the art of getting lost. Online class with Christopher Collier via City Lit. Time: 6pm. Tickets: £19/£12.

Friday 4 December; Herbal series - coriander. Online talk via Children of Circe, a private pagan group run by Richard Levy and sponsored by the Doreen Valiente Foundation. You have to join the group to watch the videos: Time: 8pm. Free event.

Saturday 5 December (tbc but usually every fortnight); Talk as part of Witchfest Online organised by Children of Artemis. Time: from 3.45pm. Details:

Sunday 6 December; Breathwork and Meditation with Sven Carlson. Online mini workshop through the College of Psychic Studies. Time: 11am. Tickets: £55/ £75.

Sunday 6 December; The Book of Thoth at Folklore. Tales of ancient Egyptian magik and the wisdom of Thoth from Vanessa of London Dreamtime and live music by George from Cunning Folk. Venue: Folklore Bar 186 Hackney Rd London E2 7QL. Time: 3pm. Price: £5 bought in advance via link.

Sunday 6 December; The Identity of the Witch in Contemporary Culture. Talk by Dr Laura Kounine, author of Imagining the Witch. Online event hosted by the Centre for Pagan Studies. Time: 4pm. Free, but you must register for a place.

Friday 11 December: Online launch event for my latest book, Pagan Portals - Guided Visualisations, via Facebook Live. Free to join in. You can view PP - Guided Visualisations on Amazon, and find it on my author page at Moon Books.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not responsible for the content of any of these events except my own book launch. Where a practitioner is offering information about magical protection, this is *not* medical advice.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Winter Time Walks and the Watchers in the Trees

Winter, when the trees stand bare of leaves, is a wonderful time to study their trunks and branches and the markings on their bark. My fellow blogger Jane Mortimer has been regularly visiting a grove near where she lives and noticing the changes throughout the seasons. She wrote: 
 "I just had to share a couple of photos (shown above and to the right). Today I went down to Percival Grove for a bit of exercise, and when I sat on a bench I found I was looking at the other side of the Triple Tree. As I stared at it, I thought I could make out an eye on each trunk. As I moved closer to the tree I could see the 'eyes' were very clear on two of the trunks, and at first I thought someone had painted them on. But no, they had formed naturally from where lower branches had been trimmed off. They've even got eyebrows! What do you think?" 
I do think they look like eyes. I must admit that when I'm going for walks in my local park I am very aware of what look faces, eyes and other features in the trees. Although I know they are pareidolia, or our minds translating shapes into familiar objects, I still think they give the trees character and make me think of them as friends as well as gentle watchers along the way.

However, I realised that I'd never studied the silver birch tree that stands in my own front garden to see if it had markings that looked like eyes. Prompted by Jane's email, I popped outside to have a look, and took the picture you can see to the left.

Jane also wrote: 
"I listened to a couple of trees and found they were responding to being blown about by gusts of wind. Apart from the obvious creaking of the branches, which sounds quite dramatic with an ear pressed to the tree, the sloshing of the sap was more intense while the wind was gusting, as if it were being hurriedly pulled down to the roots to keep it safe until spring." 
Yes, the trees are getting ready for winter. Rest well, beautiful trees, to wake safely in springtime.

Monday, 23 November 2020

News: Witchcraft Persecutions in History and Now


 This round-up of news stories shows that while modern pagan witchcraft is relatively mainstream in many countries, persecution of old women accused of being witches still takes place in some. There are also news stories about modern looks at historic witch trials and a commemoration of the past:

"Song about witch trials released by descendant of one of the victims" - Story at East Lothian Courier:  (You listen to the song on video at YouTube, shared above)

"This Exhibit About Witch Hunting Is Not About Donald Trump (But It's Still Politically Spellbinding)" - story at Forbes:

"Branded 'witch', 70-year-old woman tortured at Assam tea garden, sustains injuries" - story at The New Indian Express: 

"Gender Ministry announces plans to disband witch camps" - story at Ghana Business News:

"Kenyans: Stop Burning Witches, Witchcraft Is Superstition By Leo Igwe" - story at

Friday, 20 November 2020

Witchy Wisdom: Practising Self Care as Winter Sets In

Late November can often be miserable, with cold weather settling in and the nights getting longer, as well as the worries and extra work brought about by the run-up to the festive season. This year will be worse than most with so much uncertainty and the probability that many of us won't get to visit our family at Yuletide. However, we can all engage in a bit of self-care to help us through the dark times.

Jane Mortimer wrote:
"I am trying hard to eat sensibly, drink lots of water and do a bit of exercise, though the weather's been too yucky for much walking and cycling. Yesterday I found myself thinking about Ganesh for no obvious reason, and I remembered I had a little brass Ganesh pendant that I bought in the 1970s and had never worn. I wondered where it might be, then it turned up in a box when I was looking for something else. I Googled Ganesh and found he is a deity for new beginnings and enterprises, so perhaps he was calling me. Anyone who's survived a head transplant is worth listening to! 

"The pendant's been Brasso'd and put on a chain and now it's polished I can see how beautiful it is. I think the fact that this happened on the day of the New Moon is significant too - a great time to start taking positive steps forward, however small. To this end, I am revisiting a book I bought early last year, the Witch's Book of Self Care, to add magick to the diet and exercise and stop it becoming a chore."
When it comes to practical and spiritual help for coping with hard times, I would also recommend the book Weathering the Storm, which I contributed to and is available for free in many places. Weathering the Storm was published earlier this year by Moon Books. It offers support to those who are isolated or vulnerable, and was written by the community of Moon Books authors and edited by Trevor Greenfield. We all offered our talents for free to try to help all who are dealing with difficult situations. 

Written in three parts, psychological, spiritual and practical, the ebook offers a range of articles, information, and inspiration. I wrote two chapters; a guided visualisation called 'Weathering the Storm', based on the book's title, and an essay entitled 'The Signs of Hope in Urban Nature'. The book has a Pagan focus, but  includes material suitable for anyone interested mind, body, spirit matters, alternative lifestyles and spiritualities. 

You can download it for free in the US, Canada, Australia and India via Amazon. It's also free on Barnes and Noble and you can read it for free via Google Books in the UK. For some reason Amazon UK and Amazon Europe listed it at £0.99 and 1 euro prices respectively, despite the publisher wanting it to be available at no charge. I also posted my guided visualisation from the book on my blog earlier this year, and you can find that here.

Note: If you are experiencing health problems, visit your GP.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Witch Gifts: Happiness Voucher, Incense & Cross Stitch

Yuletide is coming and many of us are shopping for gifts. I know that among my incredibly talented friends and readers of my blog there are crafters, designers, makers of art, workshop leaders and  authors of skill, wit and ability. I also know many of us prefer to buy from independent traders rather than big businesses. So, I asked people to let me know what they are offering as potential presents suitable for pagans (and others). 

Here are the first few lovely gift ideas. I'll be mentioning others over the next few weeks.

Be Happiest Gift Vouchers
Be Happiest offers life coaching, mindfulness sessions, listening and hypnosis therapies, and wellbeing walks in the London area. Caitriona Horan, who runs Be Happiest, wrote: "I’m starting a mindfulness course Wednesday evenings in December and some daytime sessions will follow. My website shows what I do and anything can be creatively packaged into a gift voucher for a loved one"

The gift vouchers range from £1 to £100 and can be used to pay in part or in full for any BeHappiest course or event. You can find out more and purchase them via the Be Happiest website:

House of Kiya Incense and Soap
Kevin Groves, who teaches Kemetic and Chaos Magic and works with the Egyptian deity Selket, also runs the online shop House of Kiya. As well as offering courses, he makes amazing incense in the way it would have been made in the temples of Ancient Egypt, and handcrafted soaps.

He wrote: "I use a lot of my own luxurious Kapet incense for Kemetic rituals. Now others too can enjoy this amazing sweet spicy and earthy incense! All of them are, of course, suitable for non-Kemetics too!" 

You can find out more on the House of Kiya website:

Commission a Cross Stitch
A friend of mine is taking commissions for custom cross-stitches until the end of the month. She is wonderfully creative and if you'd like to discuss a project, you can reach her at She said that all budgets catered for. You can see just a few of her cross-stitch patterns in the picture to the right.

Before Samhain, and earlier in the year, I ran similar blog posts about witchy gifts. Those online stores are now selling amazing things for Yule and are worth checking out. Here are links to some of my previous posts:

Stardust Apothecary:
Bewitched Botanicals:
Dark Delights and Pretty Witch Things: